Data centre infrastructure management

Data center infrastructure management started out as a component of building information modeling (BIM) software, which is used by facilities managers to create building digital schematic diagrams. DCIM tools bring the same capabilities to data centers, allowing administrators to collate, store and analyze data related to power and cooling in real time. Most tools permit diagrams to be printed out -- a useful feature when maintenance is required or data center administrators need to install new equipment.

DCIM tools can help administrators locate and identify relationships between a building and its IT systems. Energy-monitoring sensors and supporting hardware can be installed along all points of the power infrastructure so the DCIM software can accurately aggregate and analyze power usage effectiveness (PUE) and cooling system energy efficiency.

NetZoomDC is a multi-user, multi-site, collaborative and fully-scalable data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software solution, which enables data center professionals to Model, Manage, Monitor and Maximize data center assets, space, power and cooling.

NetZoomDC is available in on premise and SaaS (software-as-a-license) versions. NetZoomDC target customers are medium to large enterprises with 20 racks or more; The NetZoomDC SaaS is suitable for enterprises of all size with 20 racks or more.

NetZoom is a single user data center management software application for small to medium data centers which enables IT and data center professionals to diagram networks, document data centers and discover IT assets.

NetZoom is available as on-premises software and is best suited for small to medium size enterprises of up to 20 racks.

NetZoom Visio Stencils is a single user library of Microsoft® Visio® compatible device shapes which are used in data center and network diagramming. The NetZoom Device Library is the world's largest, most up-to-date library of manufacturer specific shapes, stencils, and data, containing over 329,000 shapes and stencils from more than 4,900 key equipment manufacturers.